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Alumni Highlights & Stories


Martha Hard Batzloff, Class of 1968:  "I am sorry I missed the (Class of '68) reunion weekend!  It has been fun reconnecting with classmates via email and I hope I can make the NEXT reunion!  Christ the King has a special place in my heart.  It is my birth parish; I was baptized there.  I attended CTK School K-8th grade and received a superb education.  My 1st grade teacher taught us, among other things, to "sound it out" and her steadfastness in trainining us for 1st Holy Communion impressed upon us a reverence for the Sacrament.  All good memories." 

Rick Cusimano, Class of 1968:  "Wow, what an absolutely fantastic idea it was getting us all together (for Class '68 Reunion) after so many years.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was to revisit this important chapter in our lives.  To be able to reconnect and remember the warm friendships and experiences we shared so long ago is something I won't forget.  So great to see everyone doing so well.  Definitely looking forward to seeing everyone at some future date and hopefully those who were unable to make it this time."

Pat Knoerl, Class of 1968:  "Well, THAT (Class of '68 Reunion) was incredibly fun!  Loved seeing you all...what a night!  So many great conversations with so many remarkable people...we are a pretty great, and certainly UNIQUE class!  So much love and good feelings, funny memories, impressive and interesting life stories...so far...we aren't done.  Yet!  Thank you all for an amazing time.  Love to you all...until next time."

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