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Admissions - Christ the King Catholic School

Student, Parent & Alumni Testimonials

“For the 11 years I was at CTK School, I had a wonderful experience.  The students and staff are kind, the quality of education is out of this world, and the comradery is welcoming.  I had the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities and each taught me so much – from sports to plays to educational competitions and presentations.”

~ CTK Alumna

“You will not go wrong sending your child to CTK.  CTK developed into a STREAM school and a STREAM Academy.  This ensures that your child will be well educated in all the important aspects of life.  They will get a great education, meet and make many great friends, and grow strong in their faith.”

~ High School Freshman, CTK Alumnus

“At Christ the King I learned that we have the potential to do anything.  Three important lessons of my Catholic education centered around discipline, reverence and faith – all three are a crucial part of our lives.  Discipline makes you a successful person.  CTK taught me to give something all my effort, work hard and ask for help when you need it.  I also learned the importance of reverence and respecting others as well as having faith, not only in myself but, in others.” 

~ High School Sophomore, CTK Alumnus

“I believe this school is a great school.  The teachers here are kind and they teach well.  We do fun activities and express learning in ways that make it an exciting and intriguing experience.”

~ Current 7th Grader

“CTK School really fosters an environment of love.  Our child is thriving and they are helping him grow academically and in his faith.  There is a true spirit of Christian community and a real commitment to teaching serving God and our neighbor.“

~ Parent of 7th Grader

“I have been at CTK since Kindergarten, and I love it!  I love Christ the King School because the teachers always love and care for you, and they also make it feel like home.”

~ Current 5th Grader