Technology Coordinator & Computer 6-8

Mr. Roger Hutter Jr.

At Christ The King School, we are committed to making technology available to our students so that they can be successful in all of their educational endeavors.

Every classroom has a Laptop, Projector, Smart Board and Document Camera for instructional use.  The entire school has a High-Speed Wireless Internet Connection.


Technology classes are taught in a self-contained Computer Lab with 30 Dell All-In-One large screen Computers. The Lab is hardwired to the Internet, and has access to B&W and Color Printers.  A Projector, Screen, and a Document Camera are also available for each teacher to use.  Individual students, as well as other classes, use the Computer Lab to enhance the lessons being taught in that subject area.


The students have access to a Laptop Cart containing 30 Dell Laptops, as well as a Laptop Cart containing 8 Dell Laptops.  The school has recently purchased 20 I-Pad Air 2's for use throughout the building.