Seventh Grade

Mrs. Kristin Buckingham

Grade 7 and 8 Supply List 2017-2018



Welcome to Social Studies

In our class  we focus not only on dates and facts but historical thinking. We learn to read and analyze difficult historical text and primary sources in order to determine authors purpose and sort fact from opinion. We make connections to our government and world today in order to understand the reason we study history.

  • Sixth grade curriculum will begin with the study of geography and maps. We will move on to study the ancient civilizations, world religions and the medieval world.

  • Seventh grade curriculum begins after the crusades when explorers discover the new world. We follow the interactions of the Europeans and the Native Americans and it's effects. We then move to the creation of our great nation and the basis of our government.

  • Eighth grade curriculum begins with the results of the Civil War. We examine how the remnants of slavery affected our culture for decades. We also learn how the United States grew into the great industrial nation we are today.