School Nurse

Mrs. Bonny Klein RN

(School Nurse) Ext. 303

839-0473 x303

Health office location and hours:
An ACSD Registered Nurse in school every day from 8:00-2:30

Health office is located main hall, next to front office.

Services provided: 

First Aid for all injury’s and illnesses. Emergency cards are kept in the health office and will used to contact parents regarding an illness or injury.

Screening- nurses will do annual screening hearing and vision. We will notify you if any vision or hearing problems are detected.

Medication- nurses will distribute medications in health office as prescribed by physician. Under NYS law, ALL prescription medication,  must have a physician’s note with orders for the medication to be given in school.   Non-prescription or over the counter meds including Tylenol, Motrin, aspirin, cough and cold meds can be sent in with a PARENT note.  Medication forms are available in the health office. Also, under no circumstances should any child bring any type of medication to school, on the bus, or in backpacks. Any medication needed for your child should be brought in by a parent.

Physicals- Physicals are mandatory for all students in grades K, 2, 4, and 7. Also, any child participating on any sport team must have a current physical on file in the health office. Forms are available on the CTK website.

Immunizations- under NYS law all children must have all immunizations up- to- date prior to entering school. This includes 3DPT, 3Polio, 2MMR, Varivax (for children born after1/1/1998). Also 7th graders must have completed the Hepatitis B series (total of 3 shots).  


Please call the health office in the morning when your child will not be coming into school. Whether it be an illness, morning dental or doctor’s appt., a trip, or another reason, we like to hear from you. We do have 24 hour voice mail if you would like to leave a message the night before. In addition, any request for homework for a child who is ill can be made at this time without calling the front office. 

Leaving early or arriving late- all students should stop in the health office to sign in and out. A note should accompany the child with a reason for being late or leaving early. A note should also be brought in on the day a child returns from an absence

Allergies- With the significant rise in allergies it is important that you notify us of any type of medication, seasonal, food, or other allergy your child may have. We will work with parents to implement a plan of care for students who have severe reactions to specific allergens and foods.

Please feel free to contact the health office at any time with questions. We look forward to spending a happy and healthy school year here with your child at Christ the King

Mrs. Klein is the mother of three children, two of whom graduated from CTK.  In her free time she enjoys time with her family, has recently become a runner, and loves her yellow Lab "Thunder"