January 2018


Dear Parents and Guardians,


The Christmas and New Year’s celebrations have passed and the decorations are put away for another year. The Church has moved into “Ordinary” time.


I know that in most families there is hardly ever an “ordinary” time.  Our jobs and careers, the activities of the children and our social activities are far from ordinary.  We should however, not let these days pass unnoticed and unappreciated.  Make time with your children and family members.  Time spent together at the end of a busy day can serve to preserve what has been good about the day and help heal what went wrong.   We are all important in the lives of each other.  Each of us is blessed with differing gifts, talents, and backgrounds all of which is something to celebrate.  It is through the combination of these countless very different gifts that we are able to create a rich and caring school community.  Together we can make our school the amazing community we want it to be - something that is truly not just “ordinary”.


 We have already begun the journey out of the ordinary.  There are a number of exciting initiatives that have begun such as the Middle States Accreditation process and working with our new Director of Development to name just two and more that will be in place soon.  Christ the King School is certainly the place to be.


I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your Christmas greetings and gifts-they were all appreciated.  I also extend a heart-felt thank you to members of the Parent Guild and Sports Boosters for all of their efforts and the support of all parents. 


A blessed Christmas and peace filled New Year to all of you.







Mr. Zalacca