Mrs. Paula Enstice

Welcome to music class 2016, once again I look forward to "making music "with your children.

Pre-K is off to a great star tas we learn to move to the beat.  

K through 3rd grade will be concentrating on singing together as we learn the dynamics of loud and soft.  Dancing is also a big part of our class.

In 4th grade we are just starting to learn of the amazing orchestra and its many parts. 

5th grade is a turning point where we start theory.  We will be able to recognize the notes and how to read music,in order to write a simple melody.

In 6th grade we really"jazz" it up with the Marsalis on Music series.We will tackle the beginnings of jazz and how it relates to other musical forms. 

7th and 8th grade will be busy with a music appreciation course.  We will sample various musical genres.Recently we saw how Miles Davis's can "talk " to us.  We also hope to work on the dramatic arts with a play or two planned.

It looks to be an exciting, lively year that I hope will keep "this joint a jumpin ".