Library & Computer Pre K - 5

Mrs. Kathleen Swiantek

Welcome to the Media Center. The library has been automated and over the last 16 years old books have been donated to other schools and/or organizations. 2500 new books and 200 literature and curriculum based DVDs have been added. Library classes afford me the opportunity to introduce and/or reintroduce many classics to the children as well as increase their knowledge of the different genres of literature and books that will enhance their multicultural knowledge. Currently I have begun working on library skills that will introduce the children to reference materials that are available and the Dewey Decimal System so they can use these materials quickly and accurately when preparing a report.

The activities I introduce in the computer room with the children in Grades Pre K 4 through 5th Grade allow me to move the children along in their technology knowledge beginning with the use of the mouse, simple keyboarding skills, and the different elements available to them on Microsoft Word. These include Paint, and the various elements of the toolbars so their writing will be more interesting  to the reader. I also work with the classroom teachers enhancing the students knowledge of the Core Curriculum by integrating technology into the classwork.