First Grade

Mrs. Francesca Nicholson


First Grade is filled with new learning that is rooted by the New York State Common Core Standards. Being surrounded by a colorful, organized, safe, and student friendly classroom, the students have the opportunity to learn in several ways. The students learn through participating in experiments, group/ partner learning, hands-on experiences, and whole group discussions. The following is a glimpse of what we accomplish in First Grade.

Reading- Skills taught in First Grade: Summarize, Infer/ Predict, Graphic Features, Questions, Main Idea/ Details, Label/ Captions, Conclusions, Proper Sentence Structure, Blending sounds/ Phonemes, Sequence of Events, Story Structure, Characters, Cause and Effect, and Author's Purpose.

Grammar- Skills taught in First Grade: Nouns- Singular, Plural, Proper, Verbs- Action, Adjectives, Statements, Sentence Parts, Prepositions- Prepositional Phrases, and Subjects.

Writing: We begin the year with the review of proper letter and number formation. We then move on to the Zaner Bloser writing program. The students learn everything from constructing friendly letter, writing descriptions, and writing personal narratives.

Mathematics: The focus in the beginning of the year is Algebra. Toward mid-year, the focus is on addition of one digit numbers and then two-digit numbers. The end of the year, the focus is on Units of Measure, Time, Using Picture and Bar Graphs, Shapes, and Equal Shares.

Social Studies: Is covered for half a year alternating with Science. In Social Studies the students learn about History, Economics, Geography, Culture, Government, and National Symbols.

Science: The students participate in a variety of experiments. Units include: Plants, Living and Non Living Things, Habitats, The Life Cycle, Food Chains, Weather, Land- Water- Air, Matter, Energy and Movement, and Sound.

Religion: We participate in various religous celebrations as a school community, i.e. Living Rosary, Las Posadas, St. Joseph's Day Table, Stations of the Cross, May Crowning, Prayer Buddies, and the Thanksgiving service. Along with participating in these celebrations, First Graders learn about various Saints, Jesus' teachings, and the reason for religious holidays. A highlight for the First Grade is running the "Light of the World Mass" in June!

Upon completing First Grade, your child will have experienced a well rounded education in a friendly, fun, and save atmosphere. Most importantly, your child will be ready to climb the next step in their academic ladder with confidence.


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