Fifth Grade

Mrs. Maureen Pfeifer

Incoming Grade 5 Student Supply List 


Grade 5 is a year filled with learning new things and expanding our knowledge base.  Social Studies is the study of the Western Hemisphere to provide a better understanding of our country today.  Continued development of writing and reading skills is a daily activity.  In Science, we explore the energy and matter in Organisms and Ecosystems, the systems of the Earth,and the structure and properties of matter.  Using our Common Core aligned Math series, our focus is on whole number and decimal operations, fractions in the real world, and providing written explanations for how we arrive at our answers.  Enrichment activities for the year will include production of a play and knitting prayer shawls as a community service project.

Our 2017-2018 School year will be one of new experiences.  Students will explore the design process by creation of original inventions through an Invention Convention S.T.R.E.A.M. Academy course.  Through cooperation with partners, the students will have to identify a problem and then devise a solution.  Using a variety of material, they then create a model of their original deign.  We  again be participated in the Mock Shark Tank held at the Diocese of Buffalo X-Stream Games in December.  For the third year in a row, one of our 5th grade teams has won the top award offered and out other entries won additional awards.   The top winner,each year, showcases their inventions at the Catholic Educators Dinner in January. During school wide STREAM Academy classes, the fifth graders have the opportunity to explore computer coding in Coding Academy, cooking in Kitchen Chemistry, and how to build an arcade game in Arcade Academy or create lip balm in You're the Balm classes..  

Students visited the Carousel Factory Museum to see how simple machines were used in producing the carousels and how circuits are put to use.  Field trips to the Buffalo Museum of Science, the Buffalo zoo, and others provide opportunities to bring learning from the classroom to the community.    Our classroom continued to be a place where students work together to promote positive behaviors and respect for all. 

This year we will be using our new reading/writing series Readygen by Pearson Education Inc.. Students will learn new strategies through the reading of full chapter books. They  then use these newly learned skills in all content areas.  In Math, student writing skills will help them to provide detailed explanations of their thought processes.  Additionally, writing to express opinions, to teach others how to do a new task, and for personal expression were explored.

In the area of Math, students work to master the areas of Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Numbers & Operations in base 10, Fractions, Measurement & Date, and Geometry as per the N.Y.S. Common Core.  In Science, we explore our world with the use of our National Geographic Learning text, Exploring Science.  This series is based on the new Next Generation Science Standards so we are up to date on the newest Science ideas. 

Incorporating all areas of S.T.R.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering,the Arts, and Math) the students will put on a play for the school community and their family and friends.  From sound and light effects, to set design and construction, together they bring a play to life.

Each day is a gift from God and we made the most of it in 5th grade!