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How To Order Uniforms...


Students are to take pride in their appearance and are expected to be dressed and groomed neatly. Uniform venders will be announced at the beginning of the school year.Uniforms are to be purchased at the designated vendors so that the articles of clothing are “uniform”.


  • Navy uniform slacks
  • White knit long/short sleeves, turtleneck, or oxford shirts-CTK or plain
  • Navy uniform shorts in Sept., May-June
  • Belts
  • Socks that cover the ankle in white, navy>

Girls K-5:

  • Plaid uniform jumper or plaid skort worn no shorter than 1” above the knee
  • White knit long/short sleeves, turtleneck shirts, blouse with collar
  • Navy uniform shorts in Sept., May-June.

Girls 6-8:

  • Plaid uniform box-pleat skirt, plaid wrap around kilt, navy uniform slacks
  • Solid navy blue uniform skirts
  • White knit long/short sleeves, turtleneck shirts, blouse with collar
  • Navy uniform shorts in Sept., May-June

Socks for girls: crew, knee high, tights in white or navy.

Solid navy cardigan, pullover or vests for both boys and girls

Sneakers or closed shoes may be worn

Additional Dress Code:

  • No clogs or crocs
  • No tattoos
  • No body piercing- other than girls may have pierced ears
  • No extreme hairstyles. Boys length of hair to eyebrow and shirt collar
  • No extreme artificial hair coloring
  • No make-up or nail polish
  • No dangle earrings-small posts only
  • No excessive jewelry
  • Ruffles and/or other adornments, such as flowers on sweaters or blouses are not considered uniform items
  • Shirts and blouses must be tucked in
  • Shorts may not be worn on Mass attendance days  

Gym Uniforms:

  • Navy shorts and gold/yellow T-shirts

Non-uniform Days:

  • Students must be dressed appropriately for school
  • No tank-tops or low cut tops
  • No t-shirts with inappropriate writing or art
  • No extremely tight clothing

Usually non-uniform days have an attached theme to them. Students should dress accordingly. Additional guidelines may be added for non-uniform days.

All uniform regulations and guidelines are monitored by faculty, staff and principal.

If a student violates the uniform policy, parent/guardian may be called to bring the proper clothing.